What’s my clients’ status?

Our dashboard highlights visibility trends, if your campaigns are on track or not, or if your monthly reports are due. Along with other campaign attributes, like MRR and account manager, it will help you focus on what needs your attention right now. You’ll also have the most important insight our platform recently found in your data, at a glance.

What’s going on with this campaign?

Easily get up to date on your campaigns by scanning already processed Signals insights. Or, when you need to get a deeper understanding of the data, just click on it an get beneath the surface of any visibility trend, issue or opportunity. Automatic annotations on charts, will further help you connect the dots.

What keywords should I focus on, right now?

Be it low hanging fruits, issues that need to be addressed or irrelevant keywords that should be removed – they’ll be easy to spot and filter. When you’ll need to learn more about the automatically labelled keywords, their attributes or warnings, in-depth data will be at the distance of a hover or a click.

Help me organize my keywords faster & granular

Smart groups leverage our advanced filtering capabilities and the extensive keyword attributes, so you can have our reliable Visibility metric at a more granular level. With it, you’ll get to see not just the overall trends, but also how different product categories or areas of focus perform. Further explore them in all the ways we provide: competition, landing pages, topics, traffic, conversions etc.

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