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Keyword Planner has trouble providing average monthly searches

Starting last week, Google’s Keyword Planner has been experiencing issues in providing the average monthly searches for some keywords, no matter how generic and no matter the targeting (location, language).


Even though several PPC advertisers have spoken up on this on the AdWords forums, Google’s representatives haven’t made any official statements yet. Their main problem is that many of their campaigns containing such affected keywords have automatically been stopped.

How does this affect SEOmonitor’s clients

We are fully aware of the lack of data Keyword Planner is experiencing and, for the moment, we’ll be displaying a “0” search volume on all of the newly added keywords affected by this data shortage. Once the issue fixed, we will restore the correct search volumes onto the respective keywords and continue with business as usual.

If any questions come up, please reach out to us on the in-app chat or by email (

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