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Introducing the New Keyword Research module

The new Keyword Research module is everything it wasn’t before.

1. It’s unlimited

Previously, you could just research for a few hundred keywords max. This time we designed the keyword research module so you’ll be able to research hundreds of thousands of keywords. And fast.

We’re also introducing a new currency: research units

You have two ways of refilling your research units tank: 

  • wait for your billing day and get a number of research units equal to the number of active tracked keywords you’re paying for.
  • buy a research units pack: 100.000 units = 100 EUR.

1 research unit = 1 researched keyword (both mobile & desktop ranks included)

You can use the research units as follows:

  • Research or refresh keywords in the new keyword research module,
  • Add keywords to pitching campaigns,
  • Add tracked keywords in an active campaign and archive them before the billing day.

An interface where all the research units transactions are detailed will make the system transparent and simple to understand.


2. It’s fast

Like any new interface we’re building right now, this one is fast. So the interface will not be sluggish, even if you research for hundreds of thousands of keyword — it will all be predictable.  

And that’s because data will be provided as we pull it and we’ll estimate how long it will take to finish the job, based on how many keywords you’re researching and the load on our crawling system. 

Even if many users do keyword research at the same time, you won’t have to wait until everyone finishes their job. Instead, you’ll all get access to the system, getting data simultaneously, but slower. So no more “first in, first out”. But rather “all in, all out”.

3. It’s organized & collaborative

The Research module now includes keyword lists, which lets you organize your researched keywords. Be it over time, or in categories, or between different users. 

Plus, two users can start keyword research for the same campaign — everything will be sorted and transparent.


4. It’s persistent

Your units, your research, your data. We won’t delete them. But you can decide to archive them to keep your keyword lists tidy.


5. It’s integrated

That means you can send keywords in the Research module from all the sources below, before deciding to track them:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Topics
  • Trends
  • Domain Explorer

It’s also using our own keyword database to magically suggest a set of relevant keywords.

That’s not all. The forecast can also use the keyword lists from the keyword research module. So our users could start tracking them only after their clients accepted one of their proposals.


6. It’s exportable

Now, with the research units system in place, all the data can be exported.


7. It’s refreshable

Any keyword research gets old. We now show that next to each keyword and give you the option to just refresh them. Of course, by using your research units.


8. It’s programmable

Research units are the game-changer here. With them, you can also get the same real-time keyword data via APIs.


9. It has an overview

All of our products and features have overviews on lists of keywords — group/list-level metrics and data. It helps to have those aggregations done by design. So this new keyword research module has it, too. 

21 Apr 2021