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Introducing Signals by SEOmonitor

Time’s up! ⌛️ Been waiting for this moment for a year!

Until now, we’ve helped hundreds of digital agencies and SEO pros differentiate and grow with our technology. It brought a better measuring methodology to the market, with meaningful metrics and optimized costs.

Even with all of that, the SEO industry is still facing all the same problems with the tools, the biggest one being that specialists can only use a fraction of the software capabilities and collected data. So then what’s the use of having huge amounts of data, if you can’t put it all to good use?

Rather than designing a faster, improved interface, our solution was to completely reinvent it and revolutionize the SEO analytics.

Today, at BrightonSEO, we’ve introduced a data scientist disguised as an app: Signals.

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It is built on top of SEOmonitor’s data and it’s like nothing else on the market. It processes the entire collected data, correlates it and evaluates its findings, to generate a constant stream of prioritized insights.

These represent victories, losses, issues, opportunities, competition and market trends. And with its collaborative environment, Signals users can act on more insights, not just see more of them.

It’s so great, it’s unfair!

You’ll now find Signals throughout the SEOmonitor platform and you can also install it on your mobile phone, as it is listed in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We’re keen to get your feedback and, with it, Signals will constantly improve and assist you in your core processes: from SEO to account management and sales. Even CEOs are using it. Have a look.

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