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How we’ve tackled the few misleading search volumes provided by AdWords

We’ve recently bumped into some rare cases of keywords erroneously aggregated by AdWords’ Keyword Planner under high search volume unrelated topics.

It seems to happen for “lookalikes” of high search volume keywords, which usually have lots of close variations. Here are two examples:

“Alice Express” is not “AliExpress”


AdWords aggregates alice express, a small catering company, under the well-known e-commerce aliexpress, which is searched for 37M times a month, worldwide. According to Keyword Planner’s Performance Forecasting tool (which does not aggregate keywords), alice express would be searched for roughly 200 times per month. 

“high cars” is not “car hire”

Same goes for high cars, aggregated under car hire, with 250K monthly searches, worldwide.


The reason for this is that Keyword Planner sees them both as answering to the same search intent, which causes these faulty aggregations. However, Google Search clearly identifies that the two keywords refer to completely different aspects.


We had to quickly tackle this, as it distorted our core metric — the Visibility Score. This one was a bit trickier to solve, but starting today we’re able to identify, highlight and estimate their real Search Volume using Google data. Thanks Berian Reed for the heads-up! 

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