It's not about the features

It's how they work together in creating a superior measuring process that already differentiate hundreds of agencies.
Award-winning Forecasting
Proposal Builder
Competition insights: all inclusive
Brand/non-brand traffic segmentation
Zero costs for pitching purposes
Content performance for SEO pros
Not-provided revealed

Perfected over the past 5 years and based on Google data only, our solution for revealing the not-provided data is the backbone for the Organic Traffic analysis.

Archiving instead of deleting

You'll never have to delete data. You can archive campaigns whenever you want to free up resources in your current plan and this is a reversible process: you can always reactivate them.

Search Reputation tracking

For those using SEO for online reputation management, there's an optional, specifically designed dashboard, based on a new measuring methodology.

Scheduled email reports
Unlimited users and API calls
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Keyword Research & Tracking

Within the limits of the system, these resources do not generate additional costs for us, so it would be unfair for us to charge for them.

Account migration and Whitelabel

Once you decide to switch to SEOmonitor, you don’t need to worry about your old data. We’re ready to smoothly migrate it all for you. We’ve done this lots of times before, from most of the platforms out there. No hassle. With or without whitelabel.


We're integrated with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Google Search Console as data sources and Slack for pushing notifications into your team's channel(s).

SEO Difficulty and Opportunity metrics
Traffic trends explained
Topic Explorer
Keywords: aggregated close variants
Featured snippet tracking
Visibility Score. Like no other SEO KPI.
SERP features

Not just highlighting the SERP features on keywords, but also tracking their presence in time and the website's performance on them.

Historical changes: the SEO timeline
Local campaigns

Local campaigns enable you to track websites from a specific city or area. The difference from a regular campaign is that the monitored keywords will have the ranks and the search volumes for the targeted location.

Unlimited keyword research
4-year search trends, with YoY

All keywords come with AdWords search volumes and their trends for the last 4 years. Based on that data, a Year-over-Year metric is also computed. Note that most of the quirks in AdWords data have been handled, like aggregated close variants.

Landing page changes tracking
Daily Rankings, both devices as standard

We believe SEO performance tracking should be based on daily rankings on both devices, in order for it to be relevant. That's why they come as standard for any subscription, so you don't have to pay a premium for that.

Topics and smart groups

Keywords are automatically organized into topics (semantically-connected keywords) or in smart groups, based on any criteria (filters) you choose. You no longer have to waste valuable time on grunt work.

Keyword types: brands, local & more

Not all keywords are the same. We evaluate whether they are localized, highly seasonal, less relevant for your campaign or represent a brand name. They are highlighted and taken into account when computing metrics like difficulty and opportunity.

Google Data Studio integration

Connect SEOmonitor's data to Google Data Studio in order to create in-depth dashboards for your marketing activities.

Google Sheets add-on