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Easily import your data in Google Sheets


No more API work. This add-on makes it a lot easier for SEOmonitor users to access, visualize, share and manipulate their data in Sheets. Install SEOmonitor for Sheets

How to get started

1. Install the app

Head to the SEOmonitor for Sheets page in the G Suite marketplace to get started.

2. Authorize our add-on to edit your spreadsheets

A pop-up will open and ask for the authorization of the add-on to access and edit your documents on your request.

3. Open SEOmonitor Add-on

Open a Google Spreadsheet and then enable the SEOmonitor add-on from the menu: Add-ons >> SEOmonitor >> Create Report.

4. Authorize your SEOmonitor account

From SEOmonitor > Settings > My Account, copy your API key and paste paste it in the add-on. Then you’re ready to import your data in your spreadsheet with a click.

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