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Custom Groups: New feature in our Report Building Assistant

At the beginning of April, we launched a new Reporting system designed for SEO agencies to make the reporting process 75% more efficient in terms of time and resources allocated. We felt it was even more relevant now as it creates more space for SEO agencies to focus on adjusting strategies and creating new ways to navigate the current pandemic context.

We do that by supporting a streamlined process that includes:

• A dashboard for SEO agencies to manage their reporting process from start to finish – a status overview, alerts for due reports and more so you know where your team stands at all times.

• A smart Report Building Assistant in the form of a Google Slides plugin that helps you create a report within minutes with preprocessed relevant SEO data, automatically generated slides and other custom input, based on your needs.  

• A feedback and engagement tracker that shows you how your clients interact with every monthly report and what their “pulse” is after reading your report.

We’ve listened to your request and we’re launching a new capability for the Report Building Assistant: Custom Groups

Now you can build your reports even faster and forget about screenshots, as you get the flexibility to choose your Custom Groups for Visibility and Competitors insights. 

As with all the other already prepared top insights, our Report Building Assistant automatically pulls the data you need and generates beautifully designed charts & slides with one click. 

If you’re just getting started with SEOmonitor, explore more about Reporting and book a demo to find out all the details. 

If you’ve been with us for some time, please let us help you make the most out of our Reporting solution and talk to one of our product experts.

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