Product Updates

Cannibalization report extension. Wait… “Extensions”?!?

Our forecasting methodology has been successfully used for more than four years, by hundreds of clients, to set realistic objectives and improve their pitches. This is why we’ve gone a step further and rebuilt it.

What extensions? Chrome-like extensions. New features, reports and integrations, developed as extensions to the main platform. And with the launch of this “marketplace”, we’re introducing a new and long-awaited report.

Where to find them?

Page cannibalization

SEOmonitor is not a technical SEO tool. However, there are particular technical opportunities that are better identified and processed by a performance-tracking platform, rather than by an auditing tool.

In the case of page cannibalizations, for all the tracked keywords that frequently change their top landing page in the SERP, we already highlight a possible cannibalization situation.

This new report has been deployed as an Extension to our platform. It exports all those keywords, with their top ranking landing page and all the other pages that ranked in the SERPs in the past 30 days.

Give it a go and install the extension.

What to do with it? Here’s an article that explains the actions you can take.