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Update: the cleaner & more customizable keyword table is here

Analytics tools usually collect much more data than it is used. Too many insights that never reach the user. This generates a lot of waste. In the past year, we worked hard on redefining the way users interact with our analytics software

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Backlinks and ranks on the keyword events timeline [Product Update]

Our SEO timeline is getting closer to our goal of automatically identifying all of the events that might have influenced the rank of a keyword.

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How we’ve tackled the few misleading search volumes provided by AdWords

We’ve recently bumped into some rare cases of keywords erroneously aggregated by AdWords’ Keyword Planner under high search volume unrelated topics.

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Filter keyword warnings: cannibalization or other issues [Product Update]

Recently, we brought you warnings on keywords, for cannibalization, missing relevant landing pages and other issues. But since they’re not that easy to spot among so many tracked keywords, we are now introducing filtering by keyword warnings:

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