How Builtvisible uses SEOmonitor to complement its specialist skill set and maintain its 95% client retention rate

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Why we partnered with SEOMonitor

Prior to SEOmonitor we used a range of tools, including a proprietary solution and a number of competitor platforms, for rank tracking and visibility monitoring. These all came in at a significant overhead and, one by one, became infeasible as they proved not to fully support all of the business’ demands across its 22+ markets.

In 2015 Builtvisible was growing faster than any previously explored platform could handle, so the search began for a stable yet scalable solution that would mirror and enhance the high standards in which we take pride as an agency.

“Our team are best in class at what they do and deserve a visibility platform that matches that.” – Geoff Griffiths, MD

Interesting things we’ve done with SEOmonitor

We enjoy working closely with the product development team at SEOmonitor on projects such as building out a DataStudio connector – now a white labelled part of the SEOmonitor offering – to enhance its reporting dashboard capabilities for our clients, including Icelandair, Sage and Towergate Insurance.

This has changed the way we report to clients significantly, minimising time spent explaining complex data. We’ve succeeded in empowering our clients with clear, customised data they can navigate themselves – giving them the transparency they craved, packaged in the simplest possible format.

With direct access to the Visibility Score clients feel more connected to our ongoing efforts and we believe this is certainly a contributing factor to our 95% client retention rate.

“We designed the Visibility Score to be a key SEO performance indicator. It replaces average positions by balancing search volume with rankings so that it shows how many people could see the customer's website in SERPs.” – Alen Todorov, marketing director SEOmonitor

Adding to that, for any one client cross-functional data can span our three service areas, namely content, SEO and analytics based campaigns. This allows our teams further internal transparency and far easier collaboration with the relevant data at their fingertips in the form of filtered dashboards.

How we measure the success of this implementation

We measure the success of this platform as we do all things – through the positive impact on our clients, our work and our people.

For our clients, success is seen in our ability to on-board them to a platform that enhances the level of transparency, best reflects the quality of our service and clearly communicates our tangible value through data.

For our work, data accuracy is everything – the ever-changing landscape of SEO means we need consistently reliable data to quickly identify, analyse and act upon issues or opportunities for our clients. It also allows our different product teams to easily operate as one, towards shared goals.

For our people, ease of use and confidence in the data ensured team buy-in from the very beginning. The level of support also meant the adoption stage became a speedy and seamless transition. Any concerns, questions or feedback was answered swiftly and to a satisfactory level.

“SEOmonitor is one of the most reliable and cost-effective daily rank tracking tools out there! And a huge asset in our arsenal of tools.” – Dan Butler, Performance Director

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Dan Butler

With over a decade of experience at the cutting edge of search, Dan owns the notion of performance at Builtvisible ensuring all clients are getting the best possible ROI on their investment.

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