Product Updates

New in SEOmonitor: Data Studio connectors for your SEO forecasts and campaigns

Tracking your SEO agency KPIs in one place and building custom dashboards can help your team make business decisions faster. And in today’s uncertainty, it is even more important to have real-time data, to know your clients’ status at all times, while constantly communicating it.

That’s why we’re launching a suite of Data Studio connectors: to make it easier for you to bring all the important SEOmonitor data in one place, as some of you asked us along the way. You’ll be able to leverage Data Studio’s flexibility with our SEO data on Forecasting, Campaigns, Organic Traffic and Competition:

These connectors allow you to integrate SEOmonitor’s campaign-level metrics, like Visibility, non-brand organic traffic, objective status and more, by aggregating them at a client portfolio level. And they can help show your SEO performance in a compelling visual way.

You can even design persuasive SEO proposals for a potential agency client, pulling our forecasting data and other relevant metrics.

According to your needs, you can use a specific connector, or combine them with other data sources that your agency uses.

To get you started, we’ve also developed a Forecast template (ready to edit) and another one for Organic Traffic is in the works.

Read more on how you can pull the data in our Help section.
And if you want to explore more on why developing an operational dashboard for your SEO agency helps you unlock growth, read our SEJ article on the subject. 

Product Updates

Custom Groups: New feature in our Report Building Assistant

At the beginning of April, we launched a new Reporting system designed for SEO agencies to make the reporting process 75% more efficient in terms of time and resources allocated. We felt it was even more relevant now as it creates more space for SEO agencies to focus on adjusting strategies and creating new ways to navigate the current pandemic context.

We do that by supporting a streamlined process that includes:

• A dashboard for SEO agencies to manage their reporting process from start to finish – a status overview, alerts for due reports and more so you know where your team stands at all times.

• A smart Report Building Assistant in the form of a Google Slides plugin that helps you create a report within minutes with preprocessed relevant SEO data, automatically generated slides and other custom input, based on your needs.  

• A feedback and engagement tracker that shows you how your clients interact with every monthly report and what their “pulse” is after reading your report.

We’ve listened to your request and we’re launching a new capability for the Report Building Assistant: Custom Groups

Now you can build your reports even faster and forget about screenshots, as you get the flexibility to choose your Custom Groups for Visibility and Competitors insights. 

As with all the other already prepared top insights, our Report Building Assistant automatically pulls the data you need and generates beautifully designed charts & slides with one click. 

If you’re just getting started with SEOmonitor, explore more about Reporting and book a demo to find out all the details. 

If you’ve been with us for some time, please let us help you make the most out of our Reporting solution and talk to one of our product experts.

Product Updates

New feature: A Reporting system designed for SEO agencies

For us, the start of 2020 meant focusing on an integrated reporting system for SEO agencies. It was our biggest project for the first business quarter and an important part of our solutions for better client retention. 

Today, as COVID-19’s market impact continues to grow and both agencies and their clients are struggling with business results and churn rates, client retention is vital. 

If reporting is usually an important part of agency-client communication, in the current context it becomes critical, as it’s all about overcommunicating and keeping your clients closely in the loop. 

That’s why we’re still launching this Reporting solution now. 

It’s designed specifically for SEO agencies and their reporting process, making it 75% more efficient in terms of time and resources allocated. That means more time for SEO agencies and their teams to focus on supporting clients with pivoting business strategies, adapting short-term tactics, and constantly being proactive in a radically shifting market.  
It’s not just another reporting solution, but rather a streamlined process to have these critical conversations in due time and keep clients with you in the long run:​

A) Stay in control of your Reporting process:

The Reporting system as a whole is designed so you get to be in control of your process month by month. You’ll know where you stand at any given moment, having all of your agency reports organized in one place, for your whole team: 

  • You can set monthly reporting periods and alerts, so you know the status across the agency for all your reports.
  • A dashboard with the status of reports per client (due, overdue, submitted or not submitted), so you can take the necessary actions. Plus, email notifications so you can send the reports on time.

B) 75% less time for creating the report with the Report Building Assistant

Fully automating client reports is a bad idea, because you’re not in control of the story you need to tell or the data you must showcase at that particular moment. And more importantly, both your account manager and the client will be less engaged with that data. Yet, the process of gathering insights for every report can be a time-consuming struggle. 

We combined human creativity with the power of computer data-crunching and optimized for time and resources, with a Report Building Assistant in the form of a Google Slides plugin that goes the extra mile:

  • The assistant automatically pulls top insights from SEOmonitor, so you can choose already prioritized SEO data to include in your reports, in minutes.
  • With one click, you can select the insights you want and we’ll also automatically generate visually appealing Google slides.
  • Use Google Slides’ flexibility and further build your report with more custom input, and adapt it to your specific client story.
  • You can create your report from scratch or use an existing agency template, having brand consistent presentations across your SEO teams.

C) Feedback & engagement tracker – get your client’s pulse at the best time:

As monthly reporting is the time to showcase SEO results and business outcomes, it’s also the perfect moment to get the client’s pulse, especially during fast context shifts.

We facilitate this process by gathering the needed data just as your client finishes reading the report:

  • Tracking every monthly report and offering insights on report engagement: likes, number of opens and time spent on specific slides. 
  • Getting data about client satisfaction, as they can rate how they feel about the monthly report, after having gone through it.
  • Letting clients love a certain slide to highlight their engagement with it.

One last thing:

If you’re just getting started with SEOmonitor, explore more about Reporting and book a demo to find out all the details. 

If you’ve been with us for some time, please let us help you make the most out of our Reporting solution and talk to one of our product experts.

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P.S.  We’ve written an in-depth article about how reporting ties into client retention and how to design a better process that you can explore on Search Engine Journal.



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