API and data integrations.
Free and unrestricted access to your data.

Extract, integrate, and manipulate your SEO campaign data any way you see fit. At SEOmonitor, you own the data, so you can access it without limits or extra costs.

Free, unlimited API access.

Manage you campaign data wherever you need to. Access SEOmonitor’s highly curated keyword database. Make unlimited programmatic requests and create custom alerts in your desired reporting tools.

Data integrations.

Create consolidated reports in Data Studio. Manipulate CSV data without any hassle through Google Sheets.

The Data Studio connectors.

Integrated campaigns need consolidated reports. Pull your SEO campaign data into Data Studio and create the monthly reports you need for your clients.

The Google Sheets Add-on.

Pull your SEO campaign data into Google Sheets with SEOmonitor’s Add-on. No need to worry about formatting CSV files anymore.

Free, unlimited exports.

Any campaign data in SEOmonitor can be easily exported. Without any limits. Just use the download button in each part of the platform and you’ll get the link in your inbox and in your Exports dashboard. You can also see your team’s export history there.

Pricing at $29.9 / 1.000 keywords tracked daily on mobile and desktop

Includes unlimited monthly tracked keywords.