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AdWords re-aggregations, subsequent search volume changes and our response


 In their mission to aggregate keywords under a “main” variation, Google AdWords have recently updated search volumes and re-aggregated more keywords, causing the search volumes to significantly increase. You know by now that we’re always preoccupied with not generating any errors with respect to the search volume totals in SEOmonitor. This is mainly because they directly affect the Visibility Score — the core metric, adopted as a KPI in many companies.

The Visibility Score is an impression share and it is highly dependent on the search volumes of the keywords in a list. Any updates that would occur, causing Visibility Score changes, are treated with high priority. This is the first time when an issue like this occurs, since the initial Google move to aggregate close variations under the same keyword, sharing the same search volume.

Some keywords were more substantially affected than others. In all cases, we want our clients to be able to understand where any changes in their Visibility Scores come from, so we have already clearly illustrated these causes in the Visibility Score explanations.

Here is an example of a keyword that has been substantially affected. A restaurant’s name “El Paisa” returned 18,000 searches last month, but following the latest update, AdWords now considers it as a close variant of “Elpais”, the name of a famous news website. As it turns out, the query “El Paisa” now appears to be returning 3,350,000 searches.


Following this latest Google AdWords keyword aggregation update, our systems recognised the new aggregations correctly, but this also caused the search volumes to highly increase. You might have seen numbers in the tens in the search trend changes in the explanations, which would not usually happen. Now these are not performance-related changes, so we have proceeded with moving them into the “keyword list changes” part of the explanation, just where you would have the information on the Visibility Score baseline changes due to keywords being added or deleted to/from your list of keywords.


Whenever we have keywords that have been affected by these re-aggregations, keep in mind that they will not be considered part of the Visibility Score change (+/- x%), but you would be able to quickly spot the change moments with the annotations we’ve automatically placed on the VS graphs (just like you have them when adding new keywords).

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Taking the explanations one step further, we’ve developed an interface to detail all changes that happened to the keyword list (new keywords, deleted keywords, re-aggregations), with their impact on the overall search volume of the list and, in turn, on the Visibility Scores.


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