How can I translate SEO results to business outcomes?

SEO is impacting the non-brand organic traffic only. SEOmonitor helps you measure that and forecast the impact your SEO campaign can have on it. It’s what makes your clients tick.

How can I make sure my business case is realistic?

“All models are wrong, but some of them are useful.” Our forecasting tool will model the non-brand organic traffic in time, based on your SEO goal, but taking into account all the forces influencing it. Then, depending on the difficulty to achieve the proposed visibility goal for your client, it will estimate if it’s realistic or not.

How can I trust these projections?

By understanding them. You’ll get full transparency in how the calculations are done at a keyword level, taking into account their type, search volumes, seasonality, CTR curves, year-over-year trends, device split and difficulty.

How can I set the right expectations?

SEO campaigns are marathons, not sprints, and your clients need to understand the value of their long-term investments. The forecasting tool will emphasize how the SEO efforts are compounded over time and the results will be there to stay. It will also create transparency and trust, by providing the current status on your objective.

How can I differentiate my agency in a pitch?

By showing good understanding of their industry. It stats with the thoroughness of the keyword research and the market trends it tells, and continues with mapping their competitive landscape. Our platform will both assist and constrain you in doing these jobs right.

How can I choose the right keywords, faster?

Keyword research is key to creating your next SEO proposal. We automated this process in ways you’d not expect. But if you have your way, our platform will enrich your keywords with labels such as Brand, Low Relevance or Highly Localized, and help you filter the ones that you need to focus on.

How can I scale my business development process?

By pitching more effectively. That’s exactly how our Proposal Builder closes the loop. It helps you craft your pitch in Google Slides in minutes, once the keyword reasearch and forecast are ready. It’s not just faster, but also more effective as it is proven to get more clients and less silent NOs.

Ok, but what if they start ghosting me?

Sometimes clients become indecisive to your SEO proposals. You can use Signals automated reports and highlight competitor updates or other relevant insights to restart the conversation.

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