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The "overnight" success that took us only 6 years.


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The next logical step

Signals sees the light of day. It is the data scientist, disguised as a mobile app.



Opening up

We open offices outside of our home country, in both the United Kingdom and in Turkey.

Opening up

Our Customer Advisory Board is now comprised of 9 members.


Being seen

EU Search Awards

The platform receives the award for the “Best Innovation in Software” at the European Search Awards for its Business Case Builder and the methodology behind it.

Launch of Topic Explorer


Tapping into new markets

Hello, UK!

SEOmonitor starts to market the product in the United Kingdom, as a spin-off to the agency.


Our take on the "not provided" crisis

Providing for the not-provided

Our not-provided solution is launched, together with the brand/non-brand organic traffic segmentation capability. In turn, the first agencies using our solution start to differentiate themselves and win more clients.


Version 1.0

Launching the App

SEOmonitor is launched, as a platform to help digital marketers overcome the challenges by developing innovative technologies that can make the most out of the available data and deliver insightful and reliable reports.


Starting it up

Starting up a SaaS

Simultaneously a team of developers and product managers start working on what will soon be SEOmonitor version 1. We were on a mission to make SEO as measurable and predictable as any other digital marketing channel.

SEO focused

Narrowing the focus, the 5 year old digital agency is now solely directed at SEO. As a consequence it needs a better measuring methodology and proper tools to thrive.