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To us, the obstacle is the way

We believe SEO should be just as measurable and predictable as any other channel. Hence, our mission is to help digital marketers overcome the challenges by developing innovative technologies that can make the most out of the available data and deliver insightful and reliable reports.

Key milestones in SEOmonitor's journey

How it all started

We used to be an SEO agency before our focus turned to developing the tool you see today.

Back in 2012, our agency was already handling over 100 clients every month. Business was going great, profits were high and everyone had high hopes for us. But we weren’t prepared for Google’s next big move.

On September 23rd, 2013, we woke up to learn that Google had officially announced the decision to encrypt organic searches. As a result, over 80% of derived visits were concealed under not-provided. All of our contracts stated that we’d be reporting non-brand organic visits. How would we provide that data? How would we measure and predict SEO performance? There was no solution out there that could completely solve our problem.

Somehow, we saw that as an opportunity. If we could have solved this puzzle for our agency, we could do something that would serve the whole industry. We thought that, by combining the available data from multiple Google tools, we’d be able to unlock the not-provided keywords and keep measuring non-brand organic traffic. It would be as accurate as possible. And that’s how SEOmonitor was born.

Over 4000 brands are now using SEOmonitor’s technology and approach, to measure and predict their SEO performance. But we feel like this is only the beginning.

A moment to celebrate

In 2016, we received an award that meant the world to us: we won “Best Innovation in Software” at the European Search Awards. The Business Case Builder was the award-worthy solution and we couldn’t be more grateful and honoured to receive this official recognition from industry’s top experts.

What did the judges have to say? “The innovation in this tool is fantastic and the work it does to help agencies is phenomenal.”

This validation brought us a lot of excitement and an energy boost to continue our efforts in making SEO as measurable and predictable as any other digital marketing channel.

Best Innovation & Software Award at the 2016 EU Search Awards

Board of Advisor

Kieran Flanagan

VP of Marketing, HubSpot

An experienced inbound marketer who focuses on customer acquisition and revenue growth. He has great skills when it comes to inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing, analytics and building an awesome marketing team. He has worked for some great SaaS companies like Salesforce.com (Inbound / Search Marketing Manager EMEA) and Marketo where he focused on growth (Online Marketing Manager EMEA).


Aleyda Solís

International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti

Miguel López

Director MOV Marketing

Nick Wilsdon

SEO Lead – Global Channel Optimisation at Vodafone Group

Trond Lyngbø

Senior SEO Consultant & Founder of Search Planet

Alexander Royle

Head of Search Marketing at BBC Worldwide

Sante Achille

Multilingual Web Marketing Consultant in Italy

GJ Bramer

International Online Digital Marketing

Ilyas Teker

Former SEO Director at iProspect Chicago

Serbay Arda Ayzit

Managing Director – Optdcom

"Although I think this tool is amazing, I don't want any other agencies to know about it because it is my best secret weapon!"

Ann Stanley
Ann StanleyCEO of Anicca Digital

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