Product Updates

A new dashboard for #COVID-19: clients’ business health after the outbreak

Times are harsh for businesses now, so we wanted to better understand what the trends were for our SEO agency clients. To do that we had to understand how their clients’ business was impacted by the outbreak.

And the data showed a concerning trend.​

As tough decisions are still expected, we’re launching the Client Health Tracker today, so agencies will know how their clients’ business is affected along with how their campaign is going, in real time.​

A) Plan for your agency’s churn scenarios

We developed the Client Health Tracker with a focus on how agencies can use SEOmonitor data to plan for the immediate future and stay in control of their revenue, while taking the necessary actions to reduce costs, mitigate risks and so on.

With the new dashboard you’ll be able to see at a glance which clients are in good health and which are at risk, so you understand your portfolio health and better adjust your MRR projections for various business scenarios. 

We do that by processing both the client’s Business Health in terms of traffic and conversions trends after COVID-19, and Campaign Health in terms of expected performance and client feedback. 

B) Actionable client data for stronger relationships

The Business Health and Campaign Health data also lets you decide which clients to focus your attention on right now. Knowing which clients struggle in this particular context helps you prioritize and support them in these challenging times. One way to do that is to identify new search trends that could be leveraged for those who experienced significant drops in demand to generate short-term impact.

Also, by focusing on the clients that suffer the most nowadays, you’ll demonstrate your capabilities as a business consultant even better, which in turn will strengthen your relationship.

One last important thing

In order to make the most of your agency data for the current context, we’ve added the option to calibrate the Search Volumes in SEOmonitor with the Year-over-Year trends, to better reflect the actual search volumes. 

You can select to see the adjusted data that reflects monthly changes more accurately and the whole process is reversible.   ​

Plus you’ll have an annotation on your Visibility Score, signaling when the calibration started.