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Reaching the pinnacle of our Visibility Score and launching the SEO Timeline

Today we’re launching a new upgrade to our Visibility Score metric and one other feature that deepens the insights provided by our platform.

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Introducing SEOmonitor’s Learning Center

Most of our clients only use a fraction of our platform’s capabilities. It is our responsibility to continuously educate our users and help them understand the features and use-cases.

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SERP features, warnings, labels in Filters & Smart Groups [Product Update]

We’ve included the SERP features among the advanced filters. This also means you can now add SERP feature criteria when creating a smart group.

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Our Product Portal is here, bringing along 3 important product updates

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Product Portal. In there, you’re able to see what’s next, propose new features and vote for those that are already waiting in the pipeline, in order to help us better prioritize them.

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Search Volume breakdown by device, now available [Product Update]

As announced on Friday, we’re rolling out another enhancement to our product. This one is major: we’re now breaking down the search volume by devices, based on Google’s Keyword Planner data.

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