Reward for a kind word

Benefits for Affiliates.


As Peter Druker once said: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. In this SEO world, governed by uncertainty, simply measuring SEO performance is no easy feat.

We are a community of SEO specialists, dedicated to finding the best and most accurate ways of measuring SEO performance. is the result of our efforts and we’re constantly working on fine-tuning it.

Through time, a network of resellers and ambassadors has developed organically: from users who loved our product and wanted to share our data-driven approach, to peers. And we're more than happy to reward them with free accounts, guest posts, speaking opportunities, recurring commisions and more.

The time has come to reward those who found it valuable to add to their list of recommended tools.


First things first. If you’re not already a part of our community, you should get to know our product. You can simply start a trial or schedule a demo session with one of our support team members.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a custom affiliate promo code. This will help us track the accounts created following a referral from you. You’ll also be able to track your performance in the Affiliate Platform.


For every new account that is created thanks to a direct referral from your custom affiliate code, you will earn a 20% commission on each recurring monthly income, for 12 months.

Let’s say that a prospect (who learned about us after getting in touch with you) decides to subscribe and chooses the Starter Plan ($325/month). This means you’ll get $65/month for the next year.


If you’re interested in joining our community of resellers, contact us by filling in this form or simply schedule a call with one of our colleagues.